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As an organisation, you can have the greatest impact on the financial health of Matrix. Whether your organisation relies on Matrix for its internal communication, built a Matrix-based product, or want to be one of the organisations fuelling the change towards better online communications, you can join the Foundation as a member and run for the governing board.

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The Matrix Specification

The Foundation maintains the Matrix Specification. It is a living document everybody is encouraged to contribute to. The Foundation’s Spec Core Team guides the contributors to make meaningful changes to the specification that make Matrix better for everyone. The team ensures that the changes work in practice and that they are in line with the Matrix Manifesto.

The Specification is the building plan for everyone making Matrix products, and the Spec Core Team are its architects.

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Tangible work

We're pragmatists who don't only work in theory. We want Matrix to succeed in real life, so we make it happen in real life. We provide two homeserver implementations (Synapse and Dendrite), SDKs for clients, bridges and integrations in various languages, provide the libraries implementing the encryption Matrix relies on and get them audited.

The Foundation provides software people can use as is, and software people can use to make their own products based on Matrix.

All your communication channels on one platform

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We think providing software people can use is necessary, but not enough to keep the Matrix community vibrant. The Matrix community goes beyond clever engineers, smart developers, and careful administrators.

Matrix aims to be an ubiquitous communication system. One that serves everyone. One that is not just for the experts. We’re happy to provide the homeserver as an easy onboarding method for people who want a quick convenient set-up.

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Open development, endless possibilities

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The strength in Matrix resides in the particular care it has for interoperability. Our ecosystem is very healthy thanks to all the developers and administrators creating gorgeous clients and hosting their own instances of homeservers.

We write guides, we host Matrix Live, we publish weekly digests of the community activity, we promote Matrix at conferences, and we write and own several bridges to popular third-party platforms to ease the onboarding of new communities.

Help fund our work

Matrix is not only a good answer to current challenges: it needs to stay relevant in the future. The Foundation funds substantial work to make sure Matrix addresses and will keep addressing actual issues.

Donorbox is our preferred method for donations because it has the lowest fees. We are keeping Patreon and LiberaPay to accommodate users preferences.

  • Development of the next generation of encryption and security features
  • Integration of new authentication mechanism, like OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Direct support for enterprise customers with existing identity managementservers
  • Deployment of peer-to-peer (P2P) across the Matrix network