Several potential speakers asked us to extend the deadline of our CfP for the Matrix Devroom at FOSDEM. We are extending the deadline to Friday 8th December. You will find below the Call for Participations amended. Please submit your talks to we're looking forward to reading them!

Key dates are:

  • Conference dates 3-4 February, 2024
  • Matrix Devroom is likely going to be on Sunday afternoon, to be confirmed by FOSDEM soon
  • Extended Submission deadline: Friday 8th December
  • Announcement of selected talks: Friday 15th December

You must be available in person in Brussels to present your talk.

Talk Details

The talks can follow one of the two formats:

  • 20 min talk + 10 min Q&A, for topics that can be covered briefly
  • 50 min talk + 10 min Q&A for more complex subjects which need more focus

We strongly encourage you to prepare a demo when it makes sense, so people can actually see what your work looks like in practice.

Of course, the proposal must respect the FOSDEM terms as well:

The conference language is English. All content must relate to Free and Open Source Software. By participating in the event you agree to the publication of your recordings, slides and other content provided under the same licence as all FOSDEM content (CC-BY).

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals must be submitted on FOSDEM's conference management system: Heads up that this year FOSDEM is not relying on the good old Pentabarf but on Pretalx. All submissions must go through pretalx:

We expect to receive more requests than we have slots available. The devroom organisers will be reviewing the proposals and accepting them based on the potential positive impact the project has on Matrix, as defined in the Mission section of

If a project proposal has been turned down, it doesn't mean we don't believe it has good potential. Maintainers are invited to join the Matrix room to give it some visibility.

The Foundation needs you

The Foundation is a non-profit and only relies on donations to operate. Its core mission is to maintain the Matrix Specification, but it does much more than that.

It maintains the homeserver and hosts several bridges for free. It fights for our collective rights to digital privacy and dignity.

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